Monday, March 12

Noni's New Uniform

This is how you will find Myers these days.
Well- the fake mustache tattoo is optional... (but I think it looks awesome- don't tell him this when he is older and can grow a real mustache- I don't think those are awesome.)  He has decided that he likes to play in his diaper.  I have decided that this is not ideal.  Hence the onesie and overalls.  It seems to keep him out, for now.  Hopefully he will be able to go back to regular clothes soon- we are working on potty training and with any luck it will happen soon.  That would be a small miracle.  A wonderful small miracle.  Here's hoping....  At least he makes a great fashion statement, and who can deny the cuteness factor?


  1. Maybe we can start stapling his pants to his shirt. There's literally no downside!

  2. naomi had that same uniform for a couple weeks about 2 months ago. now a onesie and regular pants seems to suffice.

  3. He looks like Mario or Luigi. So cute.


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