Tuesday, October 4

Noni The Warrior King

This is a little bit of an old picture but I deemed it too awesome to leave in the pits of 'things that should have been posted but never were because frankly sometimes I am just too lazy to do it.'
I saw it recently and it made me smile.
I thought it might make you smile too.

The back story-
Ruby and Myers were coloring- well Ruby was coloring and Myers had just woken up from his nap and apparently had no need for clothing so he was sporting the diaper only look- and they were giggling and just enjoying themselves so I wanted to see what was up, you know, join in on the fun.
That was when I found Ruby prepping Noni for war with the traditional war paint.
It took a couple of days for the red to wash off but it did, eventually.

I couldn't get mad.  It was too impressive.  She was thorough- His scalp was even decorated.
Consequently Noni thought coloring on himself was fun for an extended period of time.
I am grateful that I can now say he is out of that phase and on to the next.

While I am making you smile I thought this might just do the trick.

'I can't put my arms down!!' (Randy on 'A Christmas Story')

And this too.
Look at that sweet little cute head.

He hasn't changed a bit.

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  1. It looks like he's mixing beats. First comes library, then comes night club. Watch out!

    No, but he's so so so cute. Him and Jane need to play together. Will you let her color on him? Pleeeease??


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