Saturday, October 22

Monster Shirts

I love Target.  I don't think I can say that enough.  I love Target.  I especially love it when they are having their crazy clearance.
This time I snagged some Monster shirt decals for $1.00.  You iron them on in any design you want anywhere you want.  Just what Ruby loves.  It is quick and easy and really fun!  Just what I love!
Ruby picked out the fairy monster.  Though she really hates it when i call it a monster. 
Here are the pieces she chose to add to her shirt.  (there are LOTS of different options)
I let her decide where to put them and I did the ironing.
Here is her perfect placement....

 I love it.
I got to make Myers shirt.  We went with the pirate monster.  I think it is so cute!
 There was a little broken heart that came with it.  For some reason Ruby was really disturbed by it.  She did NOT like the broken heart- so I got out my fabric paint and covered up the heart and added Mom into the center.  Every pirate should have an 'I heart mom' tatoo, right?  It seems necessary.
 Myers loved it.  He has never been one to care too much about what he wears (the opposite of Ruby) but he will hunt down this shirt and ask me to put it on him.  I love it.
After many washes the iron on has cracked and come off in a few places- but it doesn't matter- it was only $1 and I am pretty sure we got our money's worth!


  1. Very cute shirts. Maybe I'll look for some here and make my kiddos some matching ones.

    Anyways, I really miss you guys and am starting to get a bad bad case of the snitches? (snell itches).


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