Thursday, October 20

Glow in the Dark Hide and Seek

As a kid we used to go out onto the playground at night as a family and play hide and go seek in the dark.  It is one of my absolute favorite memories.  I mean what wouldn't be fun about it?  Flashlights, giggles, scares and family.  We grew up in a REALLY small town so the idea of 'Ruffians' was non existent.  There are definitely some experiences you can't have when you live in a larger center.  So we took the outdoor hide and go seek and brought it inside!  It was just as fun.  We found these awesome glowing wands at target and also picked up a few glowing necklaces.

  It did make it easier to find Ruby when she would not let hers go even when she was hiding.  All you had to do was follow the pink light!  The kids had a blast though.  


  1. Oh my gosh! Glow in the dark hide and seek- how could I have forgotton! Some of my best childhood memories with my cousins (in a small Nova scotia village...also no ruffians...) were at the backdrop of some glow in the dark hide and seek (and sardines...when you scared the person and had to hide with them when you found them and they had to not scream to give you all away!)

  2. Sounds like so much fun, remember we would turn the lights out and hide I was the hardest one to find until justin found me and then he and i were the hardest to find, was that at the week we spent together as a family. i bet myers and ruby had as much fun as cheryl and justin...hehe


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