Thursday, September 22

Monster Bag

Wouldn't you be terrified at the sight of this?  A one eyed paper bag monster who has an arm growing where the other eye should be.  It also makes some pretty awesome growling sounds and will chase you wherever you go.  Pretty awesome....

He chased us around for a good while with this paper (of course I don't let him play with plastic bags) bag on his head.
I'm thinking Halloween 2011- the perfect costume!!!
My favorite is that he stuck his hand out of the eye hole and did his best to catch us.  
Imagine a lot of Myers growling and Ruby screaming.
It was pretty fun.
Oh the things that entertain!
(as I am sitting outside writing this blog Ruby just found a worm and accidentally ripped it in half.  I think it had something to do with her and Myers fighting over it.  It looks pretty nasty- but is still alive and she thinks it is pretty awesome.  Here she is now bringing me the other half.  Gross I just got a little creeped out and scared Ruby into dropping it.  The best part is that I now have to act like it is no big deal and that creepy crawlies don't bug me so that she can form her own opinion of them. - how do you like my 'as it is happening dialogue?'  Just think of it as a up to the minute news broadcasting.)

In some other exciting news- we are headed on another family adventure!  We are off to Kalahari- probably THE BEST indoor waterpark ever invented!  We got a super awesome deal!
I'm sure you will hear more about it here soon.
I don't think I was blogging yet when we went last time.  But it was pretty epic (am I allowed to say that as a 20-something mother of 2?)
I wish we could all get together and do it again!  What about it Wiebe's and Hughes'?  If you leave right now you could make it there just in time for our fun tomorrow!!!
I really want to go on the four man tube with Justin, Mark and Jared again.  That was fun, a little scary but fun!


  1. That monster was so scarry I had to hide my eyes for fear he would get me......noooooooooo monster cant get meeeeeee or maybe you can....heheheeheheheheh and the half worm all I have to say for that is yucky......But Ruby make sure you dont eat those worms ok.....

  2. Um, I hate you more than life itself right now. Honestly, I hate you. I want to live at Kalahari. I want to be there now. I am so jealous I could cry. Maybe I will. I've been crying a lot lately, so it seems appropriate. At least Kalahari is worth crying over!

  3. Betrayal!! There should be some sort of document that has to be signed by all parties before anyone returns to that place without the others (or any fun place we've all been to together). Jenny, get lawyer Jared on that!!

    Excuse me, I have to go get someone to help me get this knife out of my back.


    Okay....I'm over it now...go have fun.

  4. Hya Snelldogs, it's AmyJay! (remember me? We were roomates once upon a time) I don't want this to come off creepy but I love following your blog. I have such good memories of you guys and I wish I could meet your children. I haven't commented before and I know I should instead of just reading and smiling to myself. The reason I was inspired to comment on this post is your link to that water park. I mean seriously awesome! Epic doesn't even cut it. I wish I could bring my family to join you. I hope you don't mind me reading your adventures. You Snelldogs are bright spots in my internet life. Much love.

  5. Wow! good to see you on here! Thanks for a great time at play group today!


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