Sunday, October 9

The Auction

Hidden treasures just waiting to be found for incredible prices.  Fun finds at your finger tips.  I love auctions and they are EVERYWHERE here.  Our favorite auction happens every friday night about 5 minutes from our house.

If I am being honest with myself we really don't need to accumulate junk (a fact I really try to remember) so we haven't bought anything at one yet but we have our eye open if anything amazing and wonderful come along.
You know, like this box of randoms.

 Or an old outdated globe.

Or this steal of a find high chair (which I would have bought if Myers would sit in a high chair)

Or this huge box of never ending zipper.  I am sure I need that much zipper.  My favorite moment of the night was when I happened to be walking by these zippers and two older men (75 ish) were looking at them trying to figure out what they were.  They just kept looking at it and touching it and discussing.  They finally decided that it was some sort of strapping.  Something used to tie something else down on a truck or something.  The one man graciously stepped down and told the other man that he would let the him have them....  I just stood and stared- oh, and took a picture.  It got a little awkward so I walked away.

It is a really fun place to go!  We always have fun there and it is really neat to see what people bring and what goodies we can find.  We are looking for some sort of dresser or something for our front room so we will be back until the weather gets too cold.  We just need to grasp on to the whole bidding thing.  Sometimes it is too hard to tell what the auctioneer is even saying and by the time you figure it out the item is gone.  Like the 3 chairs I wanted to get that went for 6 dollars before we could even blink.  Ah, well...  I am sure they went to a good home.

I have some really fond memories of auctions when I was a kid.  (Ok only one memory)  It was when we were living in Altario, Ab (The wikipedia page talks about how well populated it used to be but doesn't mention how populated it is now- there were about 25 people there when I lived there and 6 of those people were my family.  It was comprised of one block- and was seriously an awesome place for a kid to grow up).  Anyway there was an auction it was fun and we came home with some cool stuff.  So I like auctions, so what?

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