Friday, October 7

Surfer Girl

We are back from Kalahari and I know you are all dying to hear how it was.
I feel a little bad telling you how awesome it was.  I don't want to make anyone jealous.
But- it was AWESOME.
We are already trying to figure out when we can go next.

Here we are on the way in...  the excitement mounting!
Oh- and just for the record I want to now be known as 'surfer girl' henceforth and forever.  I was a master at this 'slide' the Flowrider.
That's not too much to ask is it?
My triceps are feeling pains they have never felt and I have one killer bruise on my hip- but it was all worth it.
Myers fell asleep while enjoying the waves in the wave pool- I mean who doesn't?

We hung out here while Ruby and Justin got us some delicious food to eat and of course the much needed and deserved Dippin' Dots.

And the family shot.  Myers missed out on the dippin dots...  you snooze, you lose.
He learned the hard way.

The kids had a super blast.  The adults had a super blast and the only thing that would make it better would be friends.  We need to be able to do some kid swapping so we can enjoy some of the larger slides without looking like total loner losers going up there by ourselves and begging to be the fourth person on some strangers four man tube.  We have some friends here we are trying to convince... it shouldn't be too hard I don't think...


  1. So jealous. Especially that you had another go at the surfing. I didn't even get a first go because of my baby making body. Calling you surfer girl just hurts a little. Maybe one day.

    Glad you guys had fun...and got your dipp'n dots.

  2. Some might say "you can't be a surfer, you live in Ohio." To those people, I say: When surfing runs thick in your veins like so much maple syrup as it does in mine, the waves are in my heart...and at Kalahari...but mostly in my heart.

  3. I love that the dip'n'dots "tadition" is still alive. :)


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