Thursday, October 6


I have absolutely no idea how this happened.
After posting about Noni here I thought it was pretty ironic that this happened.

Justin and I were around when this happened.  We were just in the other room and he was VERY QUIET.
He can't even open the fridge door-  it is too high for him.
Ruby helped him out on that front.  I mean, what are 'big' sisters for?
She opened the door and then she high tailed it out of there- you know to distract us from the real issue at hand.
She let him have a few minutes of freedom and then she told on him.
'Mom you should come and see what Noni is doing'
That was when we found this mess.
Lucky for Noni a friend of ours had this happen to her a couple of weeks before, so we were able to skip the angry/shocked stage and just go straight to the laugh/ take pictures stage.
I just wish I could have seen the whole process.

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  1. He couldn't even get up because the floor was so slippery! All he could do was sit and enjoy his mess.


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