Saturday, June 30

Destination Alberta Day 1

Are we seriously doing this again?
Driving across the country?
Does that seem insane to anyone else?
It seems crazy to me.
How did one year go by so fast?
I'm not done my Ohio Favorites posts (don't worry)- just taking a break while we DRIVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY AGAIN.
I'm feeling super nauseous right now so that might affect this post a little bit...
Anyway- all the work is done everything is packed up- our van looks like this-
 and we are on our way.
We did a few last minute things this morning, said our goodbyes, and were on our way.
We took it pretty easy today- only going about 5 hours driving time- it took us about 7 so that should tell you how well the day went.
It mostly went like this.

(That's an angry face)
But we made it.
We are officially out of the state of Ohio.

One day down.
We are sad to leave Ohio.  It just doesn't seem real.  We had such a great year- definitely tough at times but it was great.  We will dearly miss all the friends we have made.  We are grateful for all of the service they have given us- especially during this move.  And we are grateful for their friendship.  I hope we can all keep in touch!

Now on to new adventures.

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  1. can't wait to see you guys, there are two targets in billings, noni looks so grown up and hope he remembers us when he sees us again, we hope ruby does too, see you guys soon,


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