Wednesday, June 20

My Favorite Things- Ohio Edition (MFTO) #1

This one should come as no surprise to anyone.
If you know me- you know of my love for Target.

We headed there today to get some special gifts for the kids (for all their hard work during the garage sale).
I haven't been there in a while due to my constant nausea but it sure was nice to walk back into those doors, and be greeted by the workers who recognized us (just kidding).
It felt like home.
I will miss perusing the aisles looking for the sales and the great deals.  Those one of a kind finds that are no where else.  They always have something that I love.
I know they are coming to Canada but I am not convinced they will be the same, in fact I am convinced it won't be nearly as good.  But I will take what I can get.  Hopefully they build in Medicine Hat!!
Until next time Target,  until next time...


  1. This one made me cry. Oh Target... You are gonna miss it.

  2. You came all the way up to target this week and didn't stop by our house to play! What?!! Loved your previous post. Glad you are feeling a little better. Laughing hard at "borton" - that is one funny kid.

  3. mmm... Starbucks at Target 2 for 1 frappachino coupon... burp. (I drank the double chocolaty chip frappachino, not the coupon, just to clarify)


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