Sunday, July 1

Destination Alberta- Day 2

We have made it to Madison Wisconsin.
We visited 3 states today- Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
The day went well.
We had a lot more kids sleeping and a lot less Noni squirming.
We passed the University of Notre Dame.  It made me think of the movie Rudy.  Was it about the University of Notre Dame?  I could google it- but no time for that.
Anyway it was neat- fun to see- even if it was only in passing on our way to the highway...

We had a lot of toll paying today- that third axle is really killing us when it comes to tolls!
We stopped in Chicago to see the temple there.  It was really beautiful and unique- a nice stop along the route.

The gate was locked so we couldn't get in and had some trouble turning around in the trailer after we took some photos but Justin is a whiz when it comes to trailer hauling so he got us out of there in a jiffy.
We are just relaxing and enjoying ourselves tonight.
The kids swam- I relaxed and Justin did most of the work.  Well, I continued to grow a human so I guess I am working too...
Tomorrow on to South Dakota!

Happy Canada DAY!

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  1. yea you are getting closer hiphiphooray...


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