Monday, June 25

My Favorite Things Ohio #5

Handel's Icecream

I know I have talked about them before- but seriously- their strawberry milkshakes are to die for.
This time we called up some friends and met them there for one last Handel's Hurrah.
(Honestly though- I think I must go back for just one more quick milkshake)
(These friends- the Wright's- are also one of our favorite things in Ohio.  Though technically they are people and not things...  Regardless, we will miss them.  And our random runs to Handel's)

The kids got their traditional baby cones- just enough icecream for them to enjoy...

I got the handel pop.

They were out of vanilla so I got the strawberry.  I would stick with the vanilla next time.
Translation- the strawberry was a disappointment- another disappointment- the apple dumpling sundae,  just don't do it.  Stick with the strawberry milkshake or any flavor of the delicious icecream.
And Justin got an oreo cone.  I think he found a new favorite icecream...
We ate and laughed and watched Noni run- which is quite entertaining.
He was lucky enough to get 2 baby cones (one of the other kids wasn't feeling well enough to eat hers) and savored every moment.

There is only one ice cream treat that I know of that rivals Handel's strawberry milkshake- the Peter's raspberry sunday.  MMMM  I look forward to having another one of those soon- and the onion rings...
But what I love about Handel's is that they actually make their ice cream there and it actually tastes like it is home made.  Unlike other places that claim to be home made but just taste like any store bought ice cream.  This place reminds me of the ice cream that we used to make at the science center with liquid nitrogen.  No ice cream is as good as that- but this comes close.
Seriously- try the strawberry milkshake- extra thick if you dare.  But if going for the Handel pop- always get VANILLA.
Oh Handel's how we will miss you.

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  1. Myers looks bigger than Justin in that first picture... like huge. I like it.


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