Sunday, June 24

My Favorite Things Ohio #4

The fact that it takes us less than 5 minutes to walk to church.

We walk up this street

turn the corner

turn it again

and there we are.

Ruby loves to ride her bike and Myers loves riding in the push car.  It is a great Sunday morning walk.  We will definitely miss it.
We have really loved our ward here and the people that we have met.
We will forever be grateful for their kindness and service and their dedication to making us feel welcome and at home.
We have made many great friends here- that we hope to keep in touch with.
I always looked forward to Sundays and the camaraderie that they brought.
(Yes I used the word cameraderie)
Part of my heart will always be here in the Alliance ward...
We will miss it here.

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  1. Believe you me-- the alliance ward will miss you too! I have already shed a few tears and lost some sleep at night coming to the realization you are leaving us and our primary presidency is now very much incomplete. It will be difficult to find a new councilor that is able to fill your shoes. I am missing you already-- and I know my Alexa will be sad to have her best friend ruby gone too!


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