Friday, June 29

My Favorite Things Ohio #7

Fireflies, Lightning Bugs, Nature's Magic- whichever you prefer.
I love them.  They are natures magic and my favorite thing to see at this time of year.
The kids love them too.
Myers loves when they 'light up the bum'- his words, not mine.
One of my favorite memories of Ohio is of the first time we saw the splendor that is the lightning bug.
We had just signed the lease for our rental place and were heading out to Columbus for some meetings that Justin had to go to the next day.
We decided to take some of the smaller highways to get there (I can't remember if this was by choice or accident) and headed through Amish country.
It was beautiful- and then the sun went down.
The whole country side was COVERED in lightning bugs.
It was so beautiful.
I wish there was a way to describe it that would do it justice.
It was like the stars were on our level and we were driving through them. 
I will forever love that moment that our family had.
It was a great welcome from Ohio.
Since it was our first memory of Ohio it is only fitting that it was also our last.
The last night that we were there we stayed with our good friends the Wright's (whose help the last while we were in Ohio was greatly appreciated.  They did a lot for us).
Justin and Tim were off finishing packing the trailer and doing the very last vaccuum of the place and picking up some Handel's milk shakes for us to enjoy.
When they got back we headed to the back yard for some firefly catching.
It was great.  It was definitely a wonderful last memory of Ohio and good friends.
Unfortunately fireflies aren't that good at getting their pictures taken.  So you will have to take my word for it.
I will definitely miss the Ohio magic makers.

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