Thursday, June 21

My Favorite Things Ohio #2

 Papa Bear's Pizza.  Seriously THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA EVER.
We discovered it just a couple months ago and have been sure to enjoy it as often as we can!
We love it and our love for it only grew when we tried their alfredo sauce pizza.
Bacon, green pepper, mushrooms and alfredo sauce- pure perfection on pizza.  (Though I would add pineapple but that is the one topping they don't offer...)
Even the kids can't seem to get enough!
We will miss Papa Bears when we are gone.  And sadly I think tonight was our last dose of it.  But it was definitely savored and enjoyed.
Especially by shirtless Noni.

And no- I will not admit how many pieces I ate today- I mean it was our last, and I AM pregnant.  I think I have a free pass.


  1. That's it. I am never going to OHIO! No pineapple on pizza?! What kind of backwards place is this...?!Yes...there is target...A Christmas story...waterparks...but this is a deal breaker. You are going to have to come up with some good points in the next few days to have me reconsider my stance!
    FYI- I only get pineapple on pizza. I would have to order a naked pizza. NAKED!!!

  2. Love the Shirtless Noni, cant wait for everyone to be home, it will be so nice to see you guys glad dad has the summer off to....


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