Wednesday, August 10

Family Portraits

This Girl of mine LOVES to draw.
And I love to let her.  She really has a knack for it.
This is her latest endeavor.
A drawing of each of us.
From Bottom Left to top Right.
The first would be me- I hate to admit that my hair may or may not have actually looked like that today.  It is this dang humidity- it does crazy things to my hair...
Then Justin- I just love it- I look at it and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The next is Ruby- she wrote her name all by herself- she is getting pretty good at it too.  The letters are finally becoming a uniform size- that is a huge step forward!  And doesn't she look adorable?
And we will end with the likeness of Noni-  in size proportion of course- and armless but I will say it does capture his total and utter cuteness.  Isn't that picture the cutest thing you ever did see?
The other drawings are of flowers.  I love them too....
I just want to keep all of these pictures they are WAY TOO CUTE!
I really need to think up a good way of displaying them- my fridge is just too small....
She has really honed her skills and come a long way since this...


  1. frame them and put them up on your wall.....

  2. The likeness is remarkable. Right down to my different-sized EYES!

  3. These are SOOO cute! Little kid drawings are one of my favorite things.


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