Monday, August 22

A Venture Into Amish Country

We live about an hour from the heart of Amish Country.
And I am loving it.  Not only do they make some really cool things but their food is delicious!
And even the kids love it- they get to see lots and lots of horses and buggy's!
So we made sure to venture into Amish Country when Justin's parents were here.
I don't have many photos of our time there- but we will be back!
I was too busy enjoying everything I guess!
They had the best thrift store there with lots of goodies!
What I do have are these.
That is a pink pickled egg.  I had to get one from the buffet.  I have never had a pickled egg and even as I sit here I can taste it.  It wasn't that good.  It wasn't that bad but I think I could happily go the rest of my life without another.  It was cool though because it was pink!  They also had yellow ones.  Ruby was a little hesitant as you can see in her face- but she did eventually try a bite- and I think she feels the same way as I do...
Take all of this in- just look at the pure joy that is set before you.  That is Zinck's Fabric store.  Just a small section of it.  Filled to the brim with incredible fabric at incredible deals.  I cannot even express to you the size of this place.  It was huge.  Imagine walmart- filled with fabric.  Pure bliss.  We didn't have a lot of time in there and I didn't come out with much fabric but I got some grey striped stuff and some blue and red striped stuff for a mere $1.83/yd.  I will be going back....  SOON!
I only got 2 photos of the place.  I didn't know how they would feel about me taking photos so I did it discretely.  And then I just felt weird so this is all you get.  But there was MUCH MUCH more.  You should have seen the trims section....
And of course a picture of Ruby's country store!  We didn't actually go in- we were stopped to get some icecream but I am sure it was an incredible store!

I really liked Amish country- it was fun.  Next time the plan is to go and actually learn about the Amish.  I am ashamed to admit I do not know much.  I could google it but I would rather receive the information first hand.  So Justin and I will head back there soon- they are having a rib cook off and sidewalk sale in september that sounds very tempting.
While we were there we did see a horse, that was pulling a buggy and family of 6, just collapse in front of us.  It was sad and scary- but it was rather interesting to see the help and service that the family in the buggy received immediately from that Amish community.  There were no questions no hesitation just instant help.  Before we even had a chance to think (not that I would have been much help- with my elaborate knowledge of horses and everything) they were surrounded by 3 or four Amish families that were just passing by and offering their help.  I guess there are many lessons to be learned from that.

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  1. I have been fascinated by the Amish lately...I started reading a series of books about an Amish girl and it is a really good way to learn about the religion and culture.

    We recently went to the horse sales in St jacobs with the was about 97% Mennonites in the bleachers. There were tons of children but even the tiniest sat perfectly still and quiet. Then there were my 2...the opposite of Mennonite children... Maybe I should read Mennonite parenting books! I have a feeling though they probably consist of a wooden spoon to the rump...(yes...rump.)


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