Tuesday, July 26

Shoes, Glorious Shoes.

These children of mine are obsessed with shoes.

Right now Ruby will not go one minute without a pair of shoes on.
She has her indoor and her outdoor shoes.
She is reminding me of a younger more feminine version of Mr. Rogers.
I can see her now with her indoor sweater, her soft voice, and her messages about the environment.
It IS a wonderful day in the neighborhood!
It's coming- I'm seeing the trend.
Right now she is obsessed with a pair of Cinderella shoes that we got from a garage sale.
We have confined her to only wearing them in the house.  She obeys but she also sleeps with them beside her.
It is a shoe fetish started at an early age.  Sadly I don't think there is a less comfortable shoe on the market.  Stylish, Yes, Comfy, No.

Then there is Noni.
If he doesn't have his crocs with him then you will constantly hear him yelling- 'CROC!'
Until you find it and put it on him.
***(As a side note- isn't it interesting the words that our kids know at a young age that we didn't even know existed when we were their age (or that simply DIDN'T exist when we were young kids)  For example- croc, WiFi, Ipod, and yes even internet (it may have existed but who knew?)....  And yet other words they may NEVER use in their vocabulary- VHS, cassette player, walkman....)***
He also enjoys sleeping with his shoes on.  And some nights that is the only thing we can do to get him to go to bed.
They are his constant companion.
I don't think there is a comfier shoe to love.  Stylish, No, Comfy, Yes.

*As a side note- while I write this post Justin is trying to unlock the bathroom door from the outside because Ruby locked the bathroom door and closed it with Noni still in there.  So please imagine with me- Justin feverishly trying to unlock the door (it wasn't an easy stick the end of a bobby pin in and push unlock one- he had to take the door off the hinges) and Ruby kneeling beside him singing "Heavenly Father Loves Me" under the door so she can keep Noni calm.  I mean he was in there by himself with the door locked and the lights off.  But at least he had his crocs to keep him company....- It looks like they have things under control- I'll just keep typing.  He is now out (about a minute later).  It was a short incarceration...*


  1. HaHa those kids of yours are so funny, I can see Ruby locking Noni in and then singing to him to keep him quiet....hehe Hemmm I wonder who else loves their shoes, who hated to wear new cloths and would pack them away for weeks and weeks before they would wear them, and who would hide in a bathroom and put green gum in their eyebrows and on their eye lashes,,, no wonder YOU have kids with fettishes, heheheheheheheheh


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