Monday, August 22

Cleveland Rocks!

Justin's parents came for a visit recently and we did some sight seeing.  One stop we made was to Cleveland. I fell in love instantly.  I have been to lots of really cool cities like NYC, Chicago and Montreal and I loved this one just as much.  It seems to be underrated in my humble opinion.  It wasn't crowded or crazy and it had incredible architecture.  Not to mention it has the 'A Christmas Story' House.  YES!  I know- I couldn't believe it either.  My family is going to flip- we watch it every year- and yes- we love it!!  We didn't visit it on this trip but it is a must see on our next cleveland adventure.  
This time around we stopped at a restaurant that was featured on the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Lucky Cafe.  It did not disappoint.  The macaroni and cheese was DE-LI-CIOUS!  The neat part about this restaurant is that they have a garden and this is where they get the produce for their recipes.  They either grow what they make or they buy it locally.  I thought it was awesome.  The kids did too!

We took a leisurely jaunt around the gardens- take a look at that picture of Ruby- did you know that eggplants grow purple the whole time?  They don't start green and then mature into color- like tomatos.  They are SO CUTE!  Ruby loved them.  As you can tell by that smile- right?
Here we are outside after our delicious meal of deliciousness!
We then headed out to do some sight seeing down town.  It was beautiful.
I loved this photo of Uncle Jonny and Ruby.
And this one of Justice and Noni....
We had the privilege of meeting a million birds.  This guy was feeding the birds and Noni just couldn't get enough.  He was really interested in them but he was also a little stand-offish.  But it was still cute.  And Grandpa Don loves that he shares his love of birds....

We had to stop at the hugest candy store EVER.  It was a must see according to the internet- and it did not disappoint.  Noni had a great time!
Ruby fell in love with these suckers...  There were much MUCH larger ones but we were able to agree on this little one.
It was really fun- we had a great time and we will be sure to go back to explore more when Justin has some time off... Oh and when we can make time to go to the Christmas Story house!


  1. W.H.A.T D.I.D Y.O.U J.U.S.T S.A.Y??? The Christmas Story house?!? You HAVE to go see it during Christmas time!! (and put Noni and a snow suit that ensures he can't put his "arms down").

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Cleveland! Lots for families to see and do here. Along with A Christmas Story House, head to Coventry for a stop at Big Fun (very cool vintage toy store) and milkshakes and amazing food at Tommy's. University Circle is packed with fun museums and gardens. And, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo just opened their new African Elephant Crossing. Visit for more info if you find time for a return trip. Happy travels! - Corinne at Positively Cleveland


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