Sunday, August 14

A Biking We Go.

I love this contraption.

It has been years since I have been able to get on a bike- and this contraption makes all my wildest dreams come true.
I can now bike again!
Justin and I found super cheap bikes at garage sales- $10 each.  Mine isn't much to look at but its purple, it rides and it has the most comfortable bike seat known to man.
It isn't my dream bike- but it IS my dream price so it'll do.
The bike trailer on the other hand IS my dream bike trailer.  It has padded super comfortable seats, a 5 point harness, it can recline, it converts to a jogger, it looks cool, and it was on a sale when we bought it.  We ended up getting it for 80 dollars less than we planned.  So it was great!
This is how Noni feels about it...

(He's cheering)  He also loves his helmet.
We love it.
And it makes it really fun to go on family bike rides!
Ruby rides her bike that Grammie Ruby and Papa Ken got her before we left for Ohio.
She LOVES her bike and she loves to bike ride- LOVES it.
Here she is in action.  She likes to ride in circles so we headed over to the church parking lot to fulfill her every dream. 
 Here is Noni- he holds his helmet the whole ride.  I thought it was because he didn't like his helmet- but he screams if I try to take it off.  Safety first- that is what he always says.
 It was super hot that day- I don't know what we were thinking.  We didn't last too long outside.  It was about 92 degrees and 92 percent humidity.  I am talking about craziness.  So we headed home and had some much needed freezies.
 That kind of weather can produce some major sweat head.  Seriously- if he isn't the definition of sweat head- then I don't know what is....

And I LOVE freezies too!!!
Justin didn't make it in to this post- but I promise he was there too.  I guess he thought that since I did all the hard work of pulling the trailer and Noni then he would take over the job of photographer.  He did an amazing job too...

Noni and I like to get up at 6:30 and go for a bike ride.  (well Noni likes to get up at 6:30 and I like to get exercise so this is the compromise we came up with.  I love the bike trailer.  LOVE it!)

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  1. whoo hoot what a nice bike trailor and the little guy in it is sooooooo adorable and the driver isnt bad either, and the one tagging along (ruby) is looking pretty cute too....missed the photographer maybe will see him next time......looks like it was a pretty hot day......


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