Friday, August 26

Last Day of Threedom

For this girl.

She turned 4 today- and like most parents I can't believe it.
But there is something I want my little Ruby to know.
Ruby- when you read this in later years- I want you to know that I truly, really, with every piece of my heart and soul- love your little four year old self.
There is so much to love about you.
I love how you pray- you only use the word thank even when you are asking for something- 'We thank thee to bless the food'  It reminds me to be more thankful.  You also thank Heavenly Father for the best things when you pray.  'We thank thee for the sky and that it isn't just a picture'  'I thank thee that my Rapunzel dress got finished in time'
Oh to look into your little brain and to know your thoughts.  It would be quite the entertaining time.

I love your desire to learn- you just want to know everything and do everything.  You want to know how I know what I do- and you are so inquisitive.  I love it.  I just wish I knew the answer to everything that you ask me...  Luckily we have google!  You really are a smart girl- you amaze me every day.

I love how you call insects 'creepy crawlies'.  It makes me smile.

I love that you want to help me.  That you help me to clean and make supper and sew.  You are just wonderful.

I love that you are funny- you are always making us laugh- sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

I love that you love to sing.  And especially that you love to make up songs.  It is one of my greatest joys in life to hear you singing.  You sing loud and you own it and I think it is wonderful!

My greatest wish is that I could video record your whole life.  We do our best to get as many moments as we can but I fear that we are missing the best parts.  I just want you to know the little four year old you- as we all know you.

I love your spunk.

I love your cry face.  It reminds me of baby Ruby.  It still looks exactly the same as when you would cry as a baby and it is just as cute.  It is just so darn adorable, a face that is all scrunched up with a HUGE mouth.  So cute.

I love that you love going to church.  I love that you want to dress modestly and that you make sure that you do. I love that you love primary.  I love that you love to pray.  I love that you love Myers.

I love you.  I hope that you know that every moment of every day.  I hope that you feel that every moment of every day.  I love you- and I always will- at every age, but right now, at this moment, I am really in love with four year old you.

I want to remind you of forever, and that my love will never change
 (from Hilary Weeks, If I Only Had Today- Everyone should try to listen to it, such a great song!)


  1. Her cry face has always been classic...a tad heartbreaking, but definitely classic!

    We love you Ruby! Happy year four!!!

  2. ...And the Rapunzel dress? There are no words! know my birthday is a mere month away too...just saying...I would like more purple sheer please.

  3. Um, this made me cry. I love Ruby, too, and miss you all so much!

  4. Great Dress hope Ruby had a fantastic how much she loves the dress....u are soooo blessed....


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