Monday, July 4


We are here- in Ohio.
There were times that I seriously doubted if I would ever be able to say that.
It was a long road getting here with many bumps along the way- but I know we are meant to be here and so- we got here.
After a great visit in Waterloo we headed south to our new adventure.
Even at that point we had no definite assurance that we would get through the border.
With the type of visa that we have the could accept or deny at their will.
We pulled up to the crossing guard and immediately Ruby woke up and declared that she had to pee.  I
Well- it was a little too late by then.  We didn't have any option except to tell her to try and hold it and to please stop yelling and crying so the guard would stop suspecting us of kidnap.  Luckily he didn't keep us too long and he sent us to 'enter the building'.
Well by then it was too late.  There was nothing to be done.
We spent a good 15 minutes cleaning Ruby and the pee up and headed into the building where a tourist bus had been stopped and everyone had to be checked.  They got there only moments before us but sadly we still had to wait for all of them until it was our turn.
In the mean time Myers decided that it would be fun to stick the dried blueberries he was eating- up his nose. Much to the enjoyment of the bus passengers around us.
We safely retrieved those little suckers and promptly put them away.
Then after about an hour our name was called.
And low and behold- Ruby had to pee.
So while Justin was talking to the guard I took Ruby and Myers to the bathroom.
That was an adventure in and of itself.  One in which details I will not go in to.
We got back, had finger prints taken, waited about 20 minutes and were on our way.
No questions, no issues, just a visa and a new state to explore!
Oh, and housing to find.
After a few days of being homeless hotel dwellers we got the place of our dreams!  It has a huge backyard and more space inside than we know what to do with!  It isn't huge but we are used to apartments, basement suites, and town houses.  In fact this is the first detached single family house Justin and I have ever lived in alone.  (We were in actual houses when we were vagabonds in Alberta and living with our parents- be we don't count those)  Finding this house was a true miracle- and we are very grateful to be here.
We did have to visit Columbus so Justin could take care of some work related things so we were sure to enjoy some of the sites when we weren't too busy...  We didn't do any shopping because we were driving around with all of our stuff still (this was while we were still homeless) and we were still very tired from the house searching but we were able to visit the Columbus Temple and enjoy the beauty and the feeling there.

It was super bright so we all had trouble keeping our eyes open.  Justin the most of any of us....
We are getting settled in and used to our surroundings.  It is new and definitely a different experience from any place we have ever lived in before.  We have been doing some garage saleing (Justin tells me this isn't a word) and found some really great thrift and antique stores here and are slowly accumulating furniture.  I will post some of the gems we have found thus far soon!!!
Until then- it's INDEPENDENCE DAY down here so we have some partying to do!!!  No fourth of July shirts to sport though....

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