Thursday, July 14

It's Growing Up Time...

This little man of mine is growing up.
He is the sweetest, loveliest, toughest, most wonderful boy I have ever had the privilege of raising.
And like every other little guy- he had to grow up.
It happened too soon for me.
And it began on Sunday July 10- when we cut his hair.
He has had a little trim once before but I refused to cut the curls in the back.
They were just too cute and I couldn't do it.
Then we were in Costco and someone called him a girl.
That was where the line was drawn.  Thank you Costco lady for dropping the hint and making this transition a little bit easier- someone had to do the dirty work since our relatives are too far away to clue us in...
This little boy needed to look like a boy even if it would pull at my heart strings and force me to lament the loss of my little baby.
We cut off the curls.
Here is a before-
 Now before you start judging me and saying how uncute this looks- I will agree with you - this picture of his hair is not cute.  It didn't normally look like this- this is post bath and a good combing-
It normally looked like this-

More crazy mad scientist- less- I am in the Italian Mafia at 18 months old.
When pulled straight we cut off a good 3 inches.
We trimmed the top too.
And an after-

(Not the best after- but trust me- its gone)

We are going to get the clippers out and do a full on hair cut- once my heart has healed a little bit.
He does look pretty cute.
Then if that wasn't enough- Myers had his first day of nursery on Sunday as well.
Here he is in all his going to church glory!!

(Once again- not the best picture...  He really needs to work on his posing...)
(He was one day shy of 18 months but they let him in anyway)
He wouldn't let me leave his side- but he seemed to enjoy the toys.
We will see how next sunday goes.
And for those of you who love my children- remember when Ruby went to her first day of nursery??


  1. So cute!! Enjoy him.... Lily just turned 6! (SIX!) I makes me want to throw up a little... (But I love his hair cut... Now he isn't cute.. he's HANDSOME!)

  2. Little known fact: he snuck me a five-spot to cut it... he said those girl curls were cramping his style

  3. I think it may make it harder when the boy has curls. Because they are just so darling. And the times when curls are appropriate on a boy are so limited. He looks so grown up now!

  4. What a little man! I'm so with you! We took forever to cut Benjamin's hair because I was too attached. Why do the boys have to have the cute curls?

  5. I feel your pain sista! I just cut Cooper's hair again and it's always so tough. He too has curls and they disapear after a hair cut. It makes me so sad. I was going to let it grow out but the hubby would not have any of that. He did not want our boy looking like a girl! Best of luck with nursery.


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