Saturday, July 16

Gotta Bottle Full Of Sunshine

I was once told that freezer jam was like bottled sunshine.
And frankly, I couldn't agree more.
The smell alone is unbelievable and the taste- nothing tops it.
Plus as an upside- it is INSANELY easy to make.
I love it.
It also brings back summer memories with my family- picking raspberries at the Mouly's and making a whole bunch of freezer jam.
That was the best jam I had ever tasted.  Delish.
I decided that this year I would make my own freezer jam- so I did.
Raspberry (my favorite) and Strawberry (which I also love- but is obviously not my favorite).
The kids got as involved as their attention span would allow and then they ended up like this.

Now we have lots of delicious jam to enjoy- all year long....
Our own version of bottled sunshine.


  1. Love the big smile on Myers what a cutie, and Ruby too, I'm surprised that they weren't covered in jam....hehe

  2. Love the smile on Myers, I thought for sure that they both would have jam all over themselves...

  3. Is there a certain recipe you use for freezer jam? I've never made it! Also, your jam making little friends are just too cute.


  4. If you go to the canning section you will find the freezer jam pectin and it has a recipe on it. It is like one package of pectin, 2/3 cup of sugar and 1 2/3 cup of mashed fruit. mix pectin and sugar together, add fruit stir for 3 minutes and add to jars. Let it sit for 1/2 hour and put it in the freezer. No boiling of jars or any of that really annoying hard stuff. And it is DELISH!


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