Sunday, July 3

Red, White and Maple Leaf

For the first time EVER we were out of country for Canada Day.
Blaspheme!  Unpatriotic!  I know.
We did, however, find ways to celebrate in our own little corner of the USA- while everyone around us seemed oblivious to the fact that Canada was celebrating their birthday!
We were sure to wear our patriotic garb and enjoy Canada Day as much as we could!

We also headed to our own Alliance version of Peter's--- HANDEL'S and picked up a delicious vanilla milkshake and a strawberry sundae.  Sadly they do not make raspberry sundaes which is a Peter's favorite of mine- seriously try it- there is nothing as delicious and satisfying as one of those!  And I might also add that I was a vanilla milkshake snob- meaning I would NEVER order a vanilla milkshake- I mean what is the point of that?  But for some reason we did and I would just like to go on record and say that IT WAS AMAZING.  mmmm mmm mmmm.

We headed to the park at 9 O'Clock at night (our kids have gotten out of any schedule they had at this point so we can do pretty much whatever we want right now) and just enjoyed the end of our day.

And to top it off we got our own little version of fireworks courtesy of the millions (perhaps an overstatement) of fireflies in our area.  They are really cool bugs- they are definitely an ugly bug when they get close (which I must say was a little bit surprising since they can be so beautiful from a distance) but looking out onto a field and seeing them all lighting up was something I had never experienced before.  But I do expect to experience it a lot while I am here.  It will never get old.  It was nothing short of magical.
In fact you should all come visit- and soon- so you too can experience the magic- we'll take you out to Handel's for a vanilla milkshake!!!


  1. Happy belated Canada day! I thought about (and missed) you guys! Love you.

  2. Do they have mint chocolate milkshakes, because that's the only way I'm coming.


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