Thursday, July 7

My Corn Muffin

I thought I liked corn on the cob- I was pretty sure Justin liked corn on the cob and I knew Ruby LOVED corn on the cob- what I didn't know was that Noni was crazy for corn on the cob.
CRAZY INSANE for corn on the cob.
He would eat his piece until he was satisfied and then survey the table until he found an unattended corn cob and he would go in for the grab.
Ruby lost at least 2 cobs of corn to the Noni-corn-snatcher.
I almost lost one but Justin swooped in with a new piece of corn that would satisfy the little corn monster.
He managed to polish off 2 and a half cobs of corn on his own.  One and a half of which he stole from other people at the table.  It made for an interesting dinner... Its hard to eat your salad when you have to constantly guard your corn.
We have learned to eat our corn quickly.

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