Thursday, June 30

I Love to See the Prophet....

We had a very unique experience while we were in Waterloo.
We had the opportunity to go to the dedication of the Thomas S. Monson Camp- where President Monson himself was there.
It was a day of bus riding and rain but it was a great experience for the kids and something we will always remember.
It did rain most of the time and got pretty hard in parts but it did clear up and we really enjoyed ourselves!
I especially enjoyed the fact that there were flush toilets there!
It is a beautiful camp!!
I am grateful for a prophet in these days and I am grateful for the opportunity to hear him in such a unique setting.  I am also grateful that we could be there together as a family!
This is how the kids spent most of their time there...
 Myers cried most of the time
And Ruby slept... but when she wasn't sleeping she was mostly crying.... Until the rain stopped.
Proof that he was there...  Despite the crying and the raining it was all worth it and I am glad we had the opportunity to hear the prophet speak...

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