Tuesday, August 31

Project Destination Utah- Completed

We are here.  We are safe.  We are sound.  We are lonely.
Come visit us!!  Everyone- Come visit us!!
If just hanging out with us wasn't incentive enough- there is also lots of state side shopping to be done...  ladies??  Am I right?  Anyone??
We also live right across the street from a cemetery for those of you interested in family history work...  Maybe there is a long lost relative waiting in there to be found by YOU.
There is also all the church history around here.
And SHADE clothing...  they are liquidating everything right now as I write this.  If not for me- come for them.
I know I am sounding a little bit desperate and perhaps am worrying a few of you.
Ok- maybe only my mom- but we are doing ok.
It has been a few days and I don't have friends yet- but I mean who needs friends when you have target?
I am sure the friends will come. 
Atleast we have eachother.
I am sure that you are all dying to know how the last leg of our journey went.
Lets just say it was the shortest in time but it sure seemed to be the longest.
Isn't that always the way it is?
We drove through most of Wyoming and I must say that place is beautiful.
Desolate once again but beautiful.
It is where the prairies become the mountains and everything in between.
There are lots of beautiful red rock formations and just a wonderful landscape.
We enjoyed it.
I drove most of that day too.
It wasn't supposed to be that way but when Myers sleeps for 3.5 hrs straight you do not chance to disrupt that.
Plus there really was no where to stop.
The one place we planned to stop- we missed.
Anyway we did get a break at a Walmart about 3 hours out of Salt Lake.
We got out, stretched our legs and rallied together any energy we had for the last leg of the journey.
We struggled up the hills around Park City.
And I mean struggled...
We got in about 630 pm (MST) and did some grocery shopping.
Got our key and were pleasantly surprised by our nice apartment.
We are glad to be off the road. 
We are glad our van made it.
We realize we are blessed and are grateful for our blessings.
Our van drives much better now without every square inch packed with stuff and minus the two toppers.
It feels incredibly light.
I am determined to enjoy my time here in Utah.
Despite first impressions.
Today I went to target.
Tomorrow I am meeting up with Jodee and we are going to the Shade Warehouse sale.
I mean really- what do I have to complain about?
But Clark and Jayne- would you hurry up and have your baby and get down here?

.... And you can all thank our now good friend Tony for this post and our internet connection!!

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  1. Yay! We are glad that your van made it and carried you safely across the country! And we hope that people soon show their Utah spirit and befriend the Snell's. Seriously they don't know what they are missing!


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