Thursday, August 26

Destination Utah- Day Two

We are in Omaha, Nebraska.
In all my life I never expected to write a sentence like that down.
It took us almost all day to travel across Iowa.
We crossed the Mississippi River.
That river is huge.
I think we ended up crossing it twice.
On purpose- don`t worry we weren`t lost.
The day was really good.
We didn`t have ANY crazy crying fests.
What a relief.
We took a pit stop in Iowa and enjoyed the fresh air for a while.
We ate some delicious peaches that we had saved.
They were wonderful!
We saw a lot of HUGE windmills.
And a semi carrying HUGE windmill blades.
Did I mention that they are HUGE.
The highlight of the day was being able to stop at winter quarters.
I am grateful for the pioneers and the trials that they endured.
It was a wonderful experience.
I am glad that we were able to fit it in.
It is a beautiful place.

It was also Ruby`s birthday today.
I love her.  She just gets more awesome everyday.
We went to IHOP- a friend recommended it for kids birthdays.
And it did not disappoint!

Today was not nearly as exciting as yesterday.
All the old ladies were safe today....
So I guess there isn`t much to report.
Except the time that the van wouldn`t go into reverse.
I thought we were going to be stuck in Omaha forever....
Luckily after a few tries it did eventually reverse.
Oh and we had some issues finding the hotel-
but we are here.
And we are tired.
Can you tell?
Halfway to our destination.
Halfway from home.
Let's hope no one steals our toppers tonight....

I can't go a whole post without mentioning our constant companion Henry the Horse.

He comes with us everywhere.
He even sleeps with Ruby.
A horse head in the bed.
Can anyone say 'The God Father'?
It reminds me of that.
But we love Henry the Horse.
He reminds us of home....

Oh and we found out that we forgot our vacuum in Waterloo.
Don't ask.
If anyone needs a vacuum let me know- I can hook you up....


  1. Happy Birthday Ruby!!!!!!!!!
    I totally know how you feel, and I seriously feel for you, but just remember that in 4 short months you will be in Calgary, and we won't have to drive 4 hours to see you, and we will make this place home and it will be wonderful!

  2. That's so bizarre... Henry has a sheep's head on a stick named Ruby. She eats at the dinner table with us!

    Be safe you guys!

  3. Oh, I could use a vacuum. I seem to have misplaced mine...


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