Thursday, August 26

Destination Utah- Day One

I know it's late and everyone has probably done all of their blog hopping for the night- but we just got in to our hotel and I promised that I would post about our journey thus far.
And I'm a woman of my word. Gosh Darn it...
First of all- I obviously haven't written my 'Goodbye Waterloo' post that I am sure most of you were expecting.
Don't worry... it is coming.
I just need some time to get my emotions in check- and to really think about what I want to say to you all.  And to my Waterloo.  I miss you.  That's all I got right now.
We began our day in the most wonderful way!
We had breakfast with the Mitchell's.
Well- sadly we missed Van- he had to work- something about supporting a family....
But he was sorely missed.
Heidi treated us to the best breakfast a family of Snell's could ask for.
Bacon, peaches, and pancakes to any shape our heart desired.
Ruby wanted a Unicorn.
And Heidi delivered...

She is truely talented in the pancake shaping department.
I am going to miss my octopus pancakes....
Anyway- after a teary and prolonged farewell (that Heidi sure can cry.... ok, fine- maybe it was me...)
We headed out in our 'torpedo shaped mustang'

Whom we have now named Clementine, Clemmy for short.
(And yes- those are not one but TWO toppers, a stroller and a bike on top there.  You should see the inside...)
We took our two kids and our whole lives and headed west.
The border went extremely well.
The wait was short and then after a 'closed booth' discussion with another crossing gaurd we were let through, in about 10 minutes.
None of this 'going inside and doing paperwork' silly business.
We were really on our way. To Utah.  Away from Waterloo. 
It still doesn't seem real.
By the time we were passed the border we were a little bit hungry- and we desperately needed a break.
So Ruby requested an upscale 'resyaurant'
You know- the kind with toys...
So we went to Wendy's.
We got stuck at the gas station- a slight over heating problem.  Nothing to worry about.
The gas station was attached to Wendy's so we left the van and went and ate.
By the time we were done it was ready to start again.
We took a quick potty break after lunch and picked up some snacks.
I decided at this point that it would be really funny to try and scare Justin.
So I went ahead with Noni and hid around the corner waiting for him to come up.
I was pretty sure he was right behind me and knew what was happening but I hid anyway.
Turns out he was NOT right behind me.
A little old lady was.
She got the brunt of the scare instead.
Atleast I decided not to add the loud 'boogety' yell...
That way I was still able to save face and cover it up and make it look like I was just happening to walk out of the bathroom as she was walking in and just happened to scare her by complete accident.
I don't know how convincing this was- since I just had to follow her into the bathroom anyway to change Myers.
Other interesting points of our trip.
*At approximately 3:15pm we saw a giant stuffed Shrek roadkill...
*Our van toppers are covered in bugs- it is awesome.
Well, unless you are the bugs I guess.
*I tried my first coconut M&M.  I don't think I will be trying them again.  False advertising.  There isn't a mini coconut in there like they show on the package.  Just coconut flavored chocolate.  Who knew?
*In memory of Heidi I tried some fried Okra at Cracker Barrel.  It was delicious.  But it made me sad.
*Ruby found a special horse also in memory of friends left behind.  She named him Henry.  I thought it was quite fitting.

*We almost made it all the way to the hotel without any crazy cry fests.  But alas it was not meant to be with only 10 minutes left we were in need of a quick pit stop.  This little guy is small but he sure can cry.
Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

We are at the hotel.  Had a quick swim.  Now we are going to bed- and hoping no one steals our toppers.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring...
And I am sure you are too.  Right?


  1. Happpy Birthday Ruby! I'm so glad you were born!
    Thanks for the post. I loved that you scared an old woman - I laughed outloud and woke up Audrey :).

  2. Remember that time I told you I was REALLY bad at goodbyes and I avoid them at all costs... well I do. I did some soul searching and realized (about 7 seconds later) that it was a result of switching schools 13 times in my childhood and leaving every good friend I ever made. It sucked... I think I have issues now.
    I told you that it didn't feel real that you were leaving and would probably hit me in a few months. Well... It hit me right now.
    just so you know. So all my friend abandonment issues are creeping back up.

    Remember when you were leaving last summer (not forever) and You said...we aren't telling anyone yet but....I'm pregnant!" and I said..."well we aren't telling anyone yet either but...were pregnant too!" That was awesome.

    Aaaaanyway. That is all.We miss you already!

  3. I saw a topper thief last night before bed. He was walking around the hotel with his kids. You know the type - looking all innocent, pretending to be looking for the pool. So when he asked me if the pool was warm I said "YOU LEAVE OUR TOPPERS ALONE, YOU HEAR?!!!" Then I pushed one of his kids to show him how strong I am and ran back to our room. Ruby wasn't far behind.


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