Monday, August 30

We Have Arrived!!!

Hey party people.  This is Justin.  Cheryl asked me to let y'all know that we have arrived safe and sound in Utah.  Our apartment is very nice and we're happy our van got us here.  We don't have internet or phone yet, so things might be a little quiet for the next week or so until we get connected to the world again.  I'm writing this on my lunch break on my first day of clinic.  So we miss you all and hope you're all doing great!


  1. Welcome to Utah! We live north of SLC in Harrisville. Are you in school here then? I missed the post as to why you guys moved here. You are brave for travelling with small children...glad you made it here safe!

    p.s. Is your wife so happy she'll get to shop at DownEast now? Tell her Shade Clothing is having a HUGE close out sale...I think there's a store in SLC...

  2. So much closer to us now, I can almost smell you...

  3. Yeah!! Good luck in your clinic Justin!! Glad you made it there safe!!


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