Friday, August 27

Destination Utah- Day Three

 We made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming in record time.
We only stopped once- for an hour.
So a 7.5 hour drive only took us 8.5 hours.
That is pretty darn good for the Snelldogs...
I think that kids are getting accustomed to traveling.  In fact they are so good we are thinking of turning around and going back- just for the heck of it.  To really stretch ourselves and see what we can do...  See how much torture we can endure.  You know, to become stronger, better people.
But our van probably couldn't endure another cross country trek- that is probably the only reason holding us back...
The elements were definitely against us today.
It was hot- it got up to 36C/97F....
The wind was blowing like crazy- 100 miles/hr (ok I made that number up.  But it was blowing hard- it almost blew Henry the Horse away.)
It was also super hilly.
A bad combination for old Clementine.  She's seen better days.
I am proud to say that I did the majority of the driving today and it was hard to keep Clemmy at a good engine temperature.
I was forced to go 60mph in a 75mph zone.
At least I wan't going 40mph (which was the minimum)
But I was the annoying slow vehicle on the road that everyone had to pass.
It was surprisingly relaxing.
I didn't have to worry about passing anyone.  I just layed back and enjoyed the drive.
While watching the temperature gauge and keeping the air conditioning to a minimum of course.
I did get to pass two vans who were worse off than me.
I passed one who had 'God Speed' painted on the back of his van.
I thought- 'ditto'
But we made it.  And we are all glad.
We listened to 'The Help' and it is a wonderful book.  We are just getting into the real heart of the book and we are both having trouble turning it off when the kids wake up.  It is too good!
We crossed through a lot of Nebraska and into Wyoming today.  I turned on some old country music- it seemed fitting with the landscape.  It is pretty out here- but it seems really desolate.
I can't believe that we are going to be Salt Lake City tomorrow- and our journey will be done.
We have been very blessed.  And we are grateful.

We are finally in the same time zone as ALBERTA!!

I know the picture is small but we it says that the super unleaded is 10 cents cheaper than the regular gas.  Unheard of to us Canadians.  It has something to do with corn and ethanol... It is just an interesting tidbit I thought I would share.  Good old Clemmy has been getting the good stuff around here!!!
He's not too excited about the traveling- but he did great!  Don't you love that face?

Oh and we have come to know the I-80 quite well.....  It has treated us well...
I don't know when the last post will come.
We will be in Salt Lake tomorrow and at our house.
We probably won't have internet for a few days or something.
I don't know.
But I will fill you in when I can!


  1. Sweetness! Sounds like quite the adventure. I'm glad that horse didn't blow away, they don't make very good birds and usually end up stuck in trees (have you ever seen a fireman get a hors out of trees? It's terrifying, it just screams and kicks..... Yes THEY kick).
    Good that your kids like the road so much :)
    great to be in Utah. I think the church offers free flights there for people like me. True. ... Not true. ... Maybe true . I should ask. I usually tell the facts and then get the facts :P.

    I wonder if that Godspeed sticker was for the band "godspEed you black emporer" or not. Good band, but I like the way you took it too :)

    loves you both !!! Miss you most Justin! You'll always be my super awesome big brother of incredible awesomeNess! You're pretty awesome too cheryl. You'll always be smarter me, I mean awesome! Pretty dang super awesom!!!!!!e
    Jon snell

  2. glad your trip is going well Cheryl!! Rest up and have fun getting to know your new home!!


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