Friday, May 14

Random Ramblings

Its time for my favorite segment of the Snelldog blog.
Random Ramblings - a time when I just get to write about all the things I have noticed in my life lately that by themselves wouldn't make a very interesting blog post...
1- The grass was getting cut the other day and there were only 2 things I could think of- number one- SHHHH My kids are sleeping!
number two-I hope lots of spiders are being killed unnecessarily during this lawn mowing.
2- The other day I saw a guy walking down the street listening to- get this-
A WALKMAN. Love it!
3- A pinecone fell out of a tree and hit me. Is this a common occurrence? I just can't get past it.
4- That pesky balloon is still following me around- no I haven't gotten around to popping it yet. Justin named it- balloonie- and drew 2 faces on it. Now Ruby loves it even more and calls it balloonie. Let this be a lesson to all of us- never name something that you want to get rid of.... it just encourages too much emotional attachment. Hence why this balloonie is still following me around.
5- Survivor is awesome. Yes I watch it- and i like it- its fun.
6- I'm going to Mackinac Island!!!
7- The conversation Ruby and I just had:
Me- 'you are a genius Ruby'
Ruby-'What is a genius'
Me-'someone who is smart'
Ruby-'No, You are a genius'
Me-'No you are a genius'
Ruby-'No you're a genius'
Me-'No you're a genius'
(I am not sure how long the conversation went on for but eventually I just decided to take her word for it. I guess I am a genius.)


  1. You're hilarious! I love reading your blog! And good luck w/ the balloon... :)

  2. I hate that you are going to Mackinac! Seriously.

  3. Claudia- thank you! What a compliment! And an update- Justin did the hard thing and popped balloonie. One day it was just gone.
    Jenny- COME WITH US!! We want you there!!!!

  4. You may remember that we went to Mackinac island for our was AWESOME! You will LOVE it... we want to go back but there is nutty fudge shops at every other store so it is basically a whole island full of nuts...not so great for Ben. We will live vicariously through the snells (we enjoyed our disney vay-cay..thanks for that!)....


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