Saturday, May 8

The Balloon That Just Wouldn't

Leave us alone.
Remember this post where we picked up a handful of balloons?
If I had known that these balloons would last FOREVER and one day I would have one as a stalker- I would have left them behind.
As I am writing this post I can see the reflection of that pesky balloon behind me.
I am telling you it will not leave me alone.
Its favorite hang out spot is right in front of my chair.
In fact it is there right now.
I am just waiting for the opportune time to P-O-P it.
Meaning after Ruby goes to bed tonight.
I am tired of feeling a tickling on my foot or face while I am trying to sleep, or see it 'peeping' around a corner while we are hanging out in the living room, or 'feeling' it following me around while I am cooking.
I am telling you- this thing is creepy.
Here is a Noni telling the balloon whats what.
He's always looking out for me....

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  1. I don't know what you're talking about. I love balloonie! I'm going to draw a face on him, and then we'll have three kids!
    (I didn't mean that stuff I just wrote. Balloonie was watching me and I didn't want to anger him. Last time he overheard that we were trying to get rid of him, he got really angry and then we had a lightning storm that lasted all night. His static-electric-powers are not to be underestimated!
    WE LOVE YOU BALLOONIE! (As I slowly reach for a thumb tack...)


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