Thursday, April 15

Ice Cream Shake- how to

When Justin and I used to work at the science center we would make ice cream with liquid nitrogen. I am telling you it is SO delicious I cannot even describe. Unfortunately liquid nitrogen is a little costly, hard to store, and not readily available for the average consumer. So we had to do it a different way....
We used half and half cream (1 cup each)
feel free to replace that with whipping cream if you are feeling especially thin that day...
about 1 tbsp of sugar
and a dash of vanilla
Put that in a small ziploc bag- take out the air and close- and then place in another ziploc bag...
Double bagging is the key!!
Place that in a large freezer bag- fill with ice and 1/4 cup of salt
Any salt will do- some call for rock salt but table salt will do the trick
Double bag this as well... Or take your chances and wait until it starts to leak and then put in another bag...
Put on some winter gloves and...

Justin and Myers had some mad shaking skills....together they formed one super shaker...
Ruby- great smiler- not such a great shaker....
it takes about 15 minutes and then you will have delicious icecream!!

Enjoy! We did!


  1. I love tutorials. I love that you were wearing gloves. I also love your skin. I am going to love the ice cream I am going to make, after I buy some heaving whipping cream (yes, I'm THAT thin!)

  2. I love your tutorials too!! And what a great idea. Did you shake it for 15 minutes though?! Look how cute Ruby is!!!

  3. Yup! 15mins of shaking- its not so bad!

  4. Kay, so over the last two weeks I've become sick of looking at your icecream tutorial. Come on Cher, UPDATE!!! I miss your skin!


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