Tuesday, May 18

Just a taste,

We went and we conquered and we are safely home from florida- we have been for a while...
So here is a small taste of the pure joy that is a climate that is warm all the time and two kids that could just melt your heart...
(and minnie mouse of course- notice her by Rublets foot)
More photos to come- I just have to get them from Jayne.
So Jayne if you are out there- hear my cry- because I never seem to remember when I actually see you!!


  1. Clark was wondering just the other day why you hadn't posted anything about Florida yet. He was most shocked actually. Today, when I was laying down for my nap I thought, "I need to give Cheryl our pictures. Maybe when she gives me the finale of Survivor we will trade." so... now it's on your head. Head.

  2. I wish we had palm trees outside of our temple! Cute pic!

  3. Look at Ruby's beautiful golden locks! :) She is so cute. And Myers is adorable. Can't wait to see you guys this summer :) I promise - it'll happen :)


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