Saturday, May 8

It's a McFlurry kind of day...

At 9 O'clock p.m. amidst the rain, wind and thunder Justin and I did what had to be done.
We headed out for a McFlurry.
What constitutes a McFlurry day in the life of the Snelldogs you ask?
Well... it all began when a rather large, very heavy pine cone fell on my shoulder during our rather long, very windy, incredibly tiring walk this morning. My shoulder is still feeling the pain- and my ego is a little bruised- as I was surrounded by people that I didn't know at the time and I may or may not have let out a slight scream from pain/surprise.
It then just got better from there, when...
-we saw a dead squirrel on the walking path
- we had a pee accident at the park
- I got a sunburn
- Justin had to work until 9pm
- which meant that I had to do all the shopping for activity days and actually run activity days with 2 children (I did receive help when I was there- thank you!!)
- however activity days was still an absolute gong show
- and I got a blister on the top of my toe

But it was nothing that a little Oreo McFlurry and a pink mermaid couldn't fix....
I feel much better now.

Noni slept through it- nothing phases that kid...


  1. I wish every day was a McFlurry day. Since everyone knows the McFlurry is the greatest dessert ever invented!


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