Monday, April 12

Alberta Boy Band

Some would call them the reigning champions
and that would be true...
But i prefer to call these two musical genius's or geni (however you prefer to pluralize that word) Alberta's number one boy band!
Or I guess technically that is what they prefer to call themselves...
They did it again
They came from behind and kicked optometry skit nights butt!
Who knew I would marry a musical superstar genius!
Congratulations are in order for the Alberta Boy Band that is Justin and Clark!
Here is a picture of them performing...

And what you are all really waiting for-
Now you can all enjoy this moment as if you were there with all the other adoring fans...

They won for best skit of their year-
and we did come away with some prizes
(I say we like I had anything to do with it...)
(Well I was support... right jayne?)
Number one being bragging rights of course
number 2 being a 10 dollar gift card for the movies (which they have to share)
and last but not least
Number 3
These balloons

Which, if you want to be technical,- we stole-
or Ruby did
But I am sure they didn't mind- and they have not left Ruby's sight since she got them.
She gets emotional every time one pops.
We still have a half dozen that are holding strong...
Justin was even nice enough to tie a basket on the bottom so she could hoard more of her stuff.... How kind...
-don't worry mom- we don't let her play with them around her neck- contrary to what these pictures are telling you...


  1. you HAVE to tell us the next time something like this happens! we will go! remember how tyler goes to school there?!?!

    anyways. this is awesome. thank you.

    holly and tyler.

  2. I wish that I would have known!! We would have loved for you to come- sadly this will never happen again- atleast not with clark and justin in it.... We would love to get together some time- if you are free!!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! It was a fun night. Here's a link to the youtube video if you want to see it fullscreen:
    Like I told Cheryl, the prizes were nice, but we didn't do it for the prizes. We did it for the fame!

  4. If you are the number 1 boy band, I am your number 1 FAN!!! Every band needs a groupie, and I am it!


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