Monday, April 5

But It Still Hurts....

Ruby LOVES her daddy. Really we all do- but Ruby has grown REALLY attached. It has come to the point where she won't let me put her to bed. She will not sleep unless her daddy does it. So I let him- except when he isn't here- the dreaded NAP TIME....
She cries every day when nap time comes around.
The conversation goes like this-
R: 'But I don't want to go to bed'
Me: 'It is time to have a nap Ruby'
R: 'I want daddy to put me to bed' -crying-
Me:'Daddy isn't here to put you to bed- mommy puts you to bed during nap time...'
R: -crying-
Me:'Ruby we don't need to cry it is bed time and daddy isn't here'
R: 'I know mommy, but it still hurts'
And her little face looks like this-
(Yes I went and grabbed the camera quickly- just so I could capture the moment and show Justin how much his little girl-o loves him. It seems cruel and unusual- but it was for good reason...we hugged it out after...)


  1. What a sad little cute-head! I feel bad too Rubes. Maybe bad enough to move us all to Spain so we can enjoy 2-3 hour lunches so I can come home every day and put you to bed at nap-time. There is literally no down side!

  2. At least she has a balloon. That would make Eli happy no matter what. Sad Ruby!

  3. Jacob went through a phase like that...thank goodness he outgrew it! I like that you 'hugged it out' :)


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