Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter! (and easter bucket tutorial)

Happy Easter to all!!!
We had a great Easter watching conference and spending time with each other and friends...
Justin and Ruby wore their easter shirts today.... Myers and I are still looking for our own versions- but I had to post this picture for Addy- I knew she would love it...

Now on to the tutorial

Easter Buckets-
I wanted to make Ruby and Myers some sort of basket to put their easter goodies in and I came up with this-
I love the way this bucket turned out so I thought I would share with all of you how to make them and some interesting pieces of information I learned along the way.
First- gather all of your materials...
Paint, brushes, buckets (I got mine at home depot in the wallpaper aisle... you could also use paint buckets or something like that), acrylic spray (if you are using acrylic paint)- this one says matte but I changed my mind and went with the glossy...

Paint the buckets and be patient. I decided to use acrylic paint so that I would have more choices in color. If I were to ever do this again I would go the spray paint route- it would be much less work. If you do go the acrylic route you have to be VERY patient and VERY careful. Anything will scratch this paint- and it takes ALOT of coats. The green one took about 4 coats and the yellow 6, and then I still had to spray it with the clear coat. Like I said- go with spray paint... save yourself the headache...
Cut out whatever you want in vinyl to decorate your buckets- be sure to do some practice rounds with cardstock first to get the correct sizing. If you don't have access to a cricut or vinyl you could also use paint and decorate with stencils or free hand. The possibilities are endless.
Spray with the topcoat. Be sure to follow the directions and be safe- it is super stinky- even the low odor. I sprayed it outside and it was SO STINKY- but it really works and we haven't had issues with chipping yet. And enjoy!
Here are the end results...

I really love them- and so does Ruby... she is already using it to aid in her hoarding habit...


  1. These are adorable!! You did such a good job!

  2. Love, love, love!!! Please live near me so I can use you for your Cricut!

  3. LOVE IT!

    My children NEED one...and a craftier mother...

    fortunatly you DO live near me and I CAN use your cricut??? You did know this would happen when you posted a tutorial to non cricut owners right???

  4. Of course you can use my cricut! come on over!!

  5. I LOVE IT Cher Bear!!! It is soooooo cute!!! :) Don't you heart cricut?


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