Sunday, April 11

Dumpster Diving...

Great minds think alike.... and we are two great minds...

On our way home from a play date Ruby, Myers and I met Justin at the mailboxes.
Pure luck and great timing!
Justin hopped in and we took him for the 2.5 second drive back to the house.
Saved him alot of time and physical strain.
On the drive back he told us the tale of his dumpster diving.
It goes something like this.
"I threw out the garbage- and I accidentally threw my notes in with it.
Luckily- or un-luckily- depending on how you look at it- the dumpster was empty.
So I had to jump in.'
(I thought I smelled garbage grunge.... but I didn't want to say anything...)
'My notes are a little wet- and stinky....'
I can honestly say I have NEVER jumped into a dumpster- have you?
So, like any good blogger, I had him pose with his notes before he threw them away and reprinted others. (Well truthfully he had to go into our garbage and get them out because I took a little too long to tell him I needed a pic for my blog... So any oatmeal residue you see is from our garbage. Luckily our garbage is a little smaller so it didn't require any actual jumping in.)
Apparently we are made for each other, because I did a little dumpster diving of my own that morning.
I got this- for free!!

I am probably the most excited about this little find- now I can teach Ruby a thing or two and show off my mad skills to the neighborhood kids...

This is one of the many things I will miss about Ontario.... Why aren't people allowed to just leave large pieces of furniture and unwanteds etc on their lawns in Alberta? It would make re-purposing and dumpster diving so much easier and cheaper. I will have to get all of my 'dumpster diving' in before we leave.
Ruby loves the basketball hoop... now we just have to teach her how to use it...


  1. you should try dumpster diving at the doritos chip factory in nachos!

  2. Ehhhh heeeeem.....I believe it is good blogger curtersy to mention any anonomous people in your posts by name and then by default mention thier blog...especially if it is literary genious...I will help you re write...

    "When we were coming home from playing with the super fun Jenn, Ben and Jacob last week (Check out their awesome blog I found this in her nieghbours garbage. Better yet you could have linked to some of my blog posts about wonderful garbage I have got from my neighbours garbages...a bed, a bathroom vanity, 2 shelves, 2 strollers, multiple toys, a booster chair...and a basketball net!...but of course that went to you since I JUST BOUGHT ONE ON KIJIJI THE WEEK BEFORE!!! Darnit! I know better then to buy anything before garbage day! Jon would like to know if I have no that I


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