Thursday, September 1

The Tragedy That Is Our Painted Pottery

We took Ruby to paint some clay for her birthday.
She chose to paint an egg.

And she loved her egg.
I painted a cute little cup for Noni to use when we had hot chocolate parties.
I painted it mustard color and put a mustache on each side.
It was the cutest thing ever.
We get to pick up our finished and fired clay yesterday.
We decided to get some exercise and bike there and then head to Walmart to get some diapers after.
We got our pottery- enjoyed our creations and headed to Walmart.

When we got there we realized that we were missing the little parent pack that attaches to the back to the bike trailer- you know?  The place you store drinks and whatever else you want?  Like a cute little mustard colored cup with some awesome mustaches painted on it.  It was gone.  Justin- being the hero that he is- said that he would bike all the way back to look for it while I took the kids in to get the things that we needed.
So I took the kids around gathering our much needed supplies while Justin biked back.  That is when I heard it.  The crash and shatter of a cutie little egg being dropped on the hard Walmart floor.  Poor Ruby had dropped her egg- and now this is all we have left of it.

I am going to try and glue it back together- but lets face it- it won't be the same.
Then more bad news for us.
Justin didn't find the bag.  This meant my cup was gone.
And I don't even have a picture to show you of the pure creative genius that was it.  The beauty of it, the pure awesomeness.  You will just have to believe me.   You do don't you?

All we have that is still in tact is the plate that Myers painted with some small guidance from Justin....

I guess Hot Pots (the pottery place) will be getting more business from us.
One point pottery place- no points Snell girls.
If I didn't know better I would say they planned it....
At the beginning of our adventure we had an egg, a cute little tea cup, a saucer, and hope for the joy that they would bring to our future.
By the end of the trip we had a lost cup, a broken egg, still had the saucer which now became useless, and dashed hopes and dreams.
We have to go back....

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  1. keep the plate for the tooth fairy teeth....for noni....sorry to hear about the cup and poor ruby's egg i would try and glue sad....even your knight on shinning bike couldnt find it.....just too sad....


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