Sunday, January 24

Puffy Pants

Justin's Remedy for wet pants:
One Child who spills a whole glass of water on them in the Ikea restaurant
A whole wad of paper towels
An awesome dad

Stuff paper towels into child's pant leg until they stay.
The number of paper towels will vary depending on the stretchiness of pants (unfortunately in this case her pants were REALLY STRETCHY)

To Remove:
Let child run around Ikea until all paper towels or napkins miraculously disappear....

-if I wasn't so distracted with being at ikea for the second time in two days and really wanting to leave I would have taken a picture- but take it from me- she had some major puffy pants.... they were awesome... and her pants did dry...

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  1. Hahahahaha! That's so awesome and I can TOTALLY picture Rub-mister :)


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