Sunday, January 10


"I meant what I said and I said what I meant- A pregnant woman is faithful one hundred percent" (horton hatches the egg)
Unless of course they are 8 days overdue and are on a time schedule....
Yes I know what I said- 'I DO NOT WANT TO BE INDUCED> I would rather have the baby after Justin has left than be induced.' I believe those are my exact words.
Well stop judging me.....
I am being induced.
I still don't WANT to be induced but---
I changed my mind- and if you were in my situation you would too- right???

The induction is set to happen tomorrow... and if all goes well we will be holding a 6 pound baby in our arms an hour after induction.
If all goes not as planned we will be holding a 16 pound monster in our arms after 24+ hours of labor.
I am guessing it will be somewhere in the middle- if we are lucky... If you could see what I look like a 16 pound baby doesn't seem too far off.....

We are excited to be adding to our family- and I am confident that all will go well. I will let you know what we have as soon as I feel up to it.

.... Truth be told- I was really looking forward to having the New Years baby.... too bad...

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  1. you will do great! love you so much! good luck! This baby is very lucky to be getting you and justin as parents! MWAH!


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