Wednesday, January 27

Body Guard

If ever you feel the urge to call this cute little guy.....

ANY nickname- be sure to pass it by this little girl first...

Or experience the Ruby Wrath...

Just for your convenience I am including a list of names that have been tried and rejected:
My Guy
Angry Bones
Happy Bones

She has also rejected the following for herself:
Sweet Girlo
little girlo

So just to be safe I assume you would not be allowed to call Myers any of the above names either....

On a side note- we are on the prowl for a hunny bunny baby... Anyone seen them around?
Ainsley has one and Ruby likes it ALOT.
Direct quote..."Ainsley has a hunny bunny baby and I wish that I could have one of my very own."
How could I say no to that?
Plus it seems like fair payment for her work as Myers' personal Body guard.... doesn't it?

She really does love him....


  1. You forgot to mention that Ruby also considers "Hey you" a bad word, ever since I told her it wasn't a nice thing to say.


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