Sunday, January 24

Can I Speak To Your Manager?

We have been to Ikea 2 days in a row.
I know it kind of seems exciting- who doesn't love ikea?
It has great stuff- and I love it as much as the next person.
Until we had to go their twice in 2 days.
Its an hour away and we have 2 kids now- that makes everything 22 times harder.
Especially when they are stuck in a van.
So the issue was this:
We bought a crib mattress from the as-is.
The outside cover was just a little dirty and the rest was as good as new.
We got our mattress- and the plethora of other things we bought- packed everyone like sardines in the van and headed home.
We took the cover off the mattress put it in the washer and brought the mattress upstairs for safe keeping.
As Justin is putting the mattress in the crib all I hear from downstairs is- 'The mattress doesn't fit- its about a foot too long'
Yeah right- I don't believe you.
Thanks is what I yelled back up the stairs
Turns out he wasn't lying

Now the issue is that it was as-is and as-is is NOT returnable.
We thought we had an exception though because it was labeled wrong and therefore not our fault.
The only way to fix this situation was to call ikea. It was 10pm and we were tired. We had spent 2 hours driving and 6 hours in ikea so we decided to wait until the morning.

Justin made the phone call.
All he wanted to know was that they would take it back- just so we didn't have to make that drive if there was no point.
The operator was the LEAST helpful person EVER.
Here is how the conversation went:
Justin (J)- ~explains situation~
Operator (O)- 'I can't tell you, you will have to go into the store'
J- Can you put me through to the store so I can talk to them (it was just a call center that you have to call)
O- No I have no way of contacting the store
J- Can I speak to a manager please
O- You will have to go into the store
J- I want to make sure they will take it back before I make that drive
O- you will have to go into the store
J- Can I speak to a manager?
O- What is this regarding
J- What we were just talking about
O- You will have to go into the store
J- Can I speak with a manager?
O- What is it regarding?
J- What we just talked about\
O- you will have to go into the store
J- Are you saying I can't talk to a manager?
(Now is the climax)
O- Are you saying that I am saying that you can't talk to a manager?
(Really- did she really say that??)
J- laughs- please can I talk to a manager
O- what is this regarding?
Finally Justin was able to get through to her- and it seemed that he was going to get to talk to a manger until- the operator came back on
O- I just talked to the manager and she said that you will have to go into the store.
J- Can I talk to her please?
O- what is this regarding...
Finally after a few more minutes we were able to get through to the manager and all was figured out- she was able to contact the store and we were able to return our mattress and get one that actually fit.
But seriously can you believe it???


  1. Wooooooooooooooooow. #1 - Justin you're awesome. And #2 - Oh man...some ppl are seriously SO RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY are you in customer service when you HATE IT?! #3 - Justin you're awesome. :) Times 10.


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