Thursday, January 21


We are back in Waterloo after a long Alberta break...
It was really nice to be with family and relax- and not have to pay pst...
I really dislike pst...
We are glad to be back and settle down at home now with our new baby- MYERS....
I can`t believe that we are a family of 4 now!
Ruby is doing great with Myers- she is very protective and loving.
We really love him- he is awesome!
He came after 13 hours from start of induction to end...
He weighed in at a whopping 10pounds 11ounces and is seriously super cute!
Justin and I are getting used to having a baby that keeps us up at night- but he is so cute it is worth every waking moment. I know a little bit cheesy- but somehow true.
I feel great! A little tired but great!
I am so grateful for my parents and all they did before and after Myers was born. They were a huge help with Ruby and Myers and we were definitely pampered... thank you- we love you!!
And for more pampering Lori is here in Waterloo with us making up a freezer meal storm! We are very grateful to her as well- we love you!!!
We are enjoying our new baby and adjusting to being a 4 person family- so far it has been wonderful and we are very grateful for our new addition...
More updates to come!
Oh and on a side note- did anyone see Celebrity Jeopardy today?- Pat Sajak was on- just an interesting side note... Wheel of Fortune meets Jeopardy for a show down- and Pat kicked some serious butt... Kim I know you saw it....

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  1. It was really cute last night when I called Myers an Angry Bones and it made Ruby cry and cry. "Why are you crying Ruby?" "He's not angrys bones, he's Justin Myers!!" She was one tired girl-o!


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