Sunday, January 3


If I don't by some miracle go into labor today I will be considered overdue.
Yes- today is my due date.
I wish I could say that NONI (as Ruby lovingly calls the baby) has made his/her presence known in this world but alas I cannot.
The only good news is that for the last 3 days I have been having consistent tightenings- every 20 mins- nothing painful- I know it seems weird to want pain- BUT I DO!
BRING IT ON- and soon....
Maybe today.....


  1. yaaaa for tightenings, I wish I felt something...but alas I don't even have tightenings. I do have an appt tommorow though, so we will see if he is big enough to get the boot...I am gigantic. Maybe we will have them on the same day- fun fun. (???if that is anyone's idea of fun...I would rather share say an ice cream sunday or a roller coaster perhaps...)

  2. Oh I hope you have the baby soon!! :) I am so excited for you and Justin and Rub-mister! Hugs your way!


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