Thursday, November 26

The Little Van that Shant

So we have a van...
Yes we only have one child and yes we would probably (ok definitely) fit in a car- but we have lots of friends and we like to go on trips... and I love my van.
I will say that when Justin told me that he found a van for us to buy when we moved to waterloo I was a little shocked and critical. But it turned out to be the best decision and our van is awesome...
Well its awesome in the fact that it is definitely a van, and it definitely fits us and all of our stuff when we go somewhere.
But maybe not so awesome in the fact that it doesn't go anywhere.... well not anymore...
So I guess if your definition of an awesome vehicle includes one that runs then you wouldn't like my van... but part of me is emotionally attached- it has taken us so many places and given us so many memories....
So now the story of the Little (or large) Van that Shant
It all began in the fall of 2007 when Justin and his dad bought a sparkly new Chevy Venturer
Ok it wasn't sparkly and it was only new to us but we were glad to have it.
It served us well for the first year
unless it rained- because then it would leak all over the drivers side chair
and your bum would get wet every time you sat in it and it smelled really musty
and the heat wouldn't work in the back- just the A/C
and the unlock button on the drivers side didn't work
Then the next year came and the intake manifold gasket was replaced
then the A/C wouldn't work in the back- just the heat
And the Anti lock brake system stopped working
And the All Wheel Drive stopped working
And the wiper on the back window stopped working and started making a loud squealing if we turned it on by accident
And the power steering pump started making a constant high pitched squeal
But we left for the summer and forgot all of the problems the van had
Then we came home...
And the passenger window is now finicky and won't roll up sometimes
The unlock on the passenger side won't work
Then the major problems began
The van began over heating
And the head gasket had to be replaced
And the water pump
And then Justin discovered that one of the fans (that probably caused those 2 problems) wasn't working and it cost us $13 to fix....
What else could go wrong?
We were feeling pretty good
Like maybe our van issues were behind us
Until the transmission started breaking down 3 days later.....
After making that list it seems like we got a lemon
But still part of me is unnaturally attached to this van
It has been so good to us
I don't know if I will ever be able to say no to more repairs.....
When will this ever end?
And what else is going to happen when we get the transmission fixed?
I mean really what more could go wrong?
I hope that our mechanics- or the PJs- as we like to call them-
since that is what their names are
can work miracles
cheap miracles..........

* I also wanted to give a little shout out to the Hughes! They are visiting us for the week and we like them and never want them to leave--- they are fun....*


  1. That is a sad sad story...does that mean you can't come over to play???? We can come to you...even if it costs $5.00... you're worth it.

  2. Our next van will heal itself every time it breaks down. I think they have that feature as an option in the new 2010 chevy awesome.


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