Saturday, December 5


Well this snow day wasn't caused by snow in Waterloo (which I am happy about for now) but it did snow in my destination city- Calgary- Hence why I am home and Ruby and I are having some snow days. We now don't fly out until Sunday.
I am NOT complaining however- this snow day means I get to spend some more time with Justin and we won't be apart for as long anymore which is nice...
It also means I am able to get a few more things done around the house before I leave-
Like thoroughly clean the kitchen
Wash the kitchen floor
Do more last minute laundry
Clean out some cupboards
Finish some projects that needed to be done
Pick up some last minute gifts
Clean the fridge
and eat the broccoli that we didn't get to last week....

Wait a minute.....

I was excited to be home for another couple of days- until I wrote that list.... hmmmmm
But another upside of being home is that it is giving me a chance to write this blog!
I have been working on alot of projects lately- mostly for christmas- but I thought that I would share some these projects with you!
So it is time for another segment of 'Did I Do That?'

INTRODUCING- Molly Dolly- Ruby's new favorite doll! I found the pattern on Martha Stewarts website- it is called a Black Apple Doll. They are super easy and fun to make!

I made this owl applique for my niece for christmas- also easy and fun to make.

This is a little nativity set that I made with my activity day girls. I have to thank Kim Hawryluk for the idea and the instructions on how to make it! Thank you Thank you Thank you- I love it- and so does Ruby... Hence why Josephs arm has already needed to be crazy glued....Another applique- apparently I really like to do these....

Another clay ornament- I have seen these all over the place and they are so cute!! S'more snowmen... I did forget to make wire arms for them but they were a spur of the moment thing- I was just using left over clay... And they still turned out pretty cute- but they would have definitely been cuter with wire arms..... oh well, next time...
Gingerbread garland- they are salt dough ornaments that we decorated with paint and Martha Stewart sparkles (of course)My helpers....
Justin loves Martha's sparkles

Ruby.... she loves it all... she would carry them around with her and sleep with them until I finally tied them onto string and hung them up....
A little bit of supper still left on her face... OOPS...

Well I still have reusable bags to make, some hair clips and I think that is all for christmas... Unless another project comes to mind of course.
In the new year look for an upcycled coat rack, a duvet cover, and whatever else I have energy for- I mean I am having a baby SOON~
Less than four weeks.....


  1. I'm glad that your nativities turned out so great with only a picture and archaic instructions! :) haha It looks really cute. I love the beard you gave Joseph - I hadn't even thought to do that!
    AND, I LOVE the doll! I just might have to throw a little project in for Christmas for Brianne!! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I LOVE all these projects that you have done!! And you know I adore that little doll you made :) Wish we were closer to do all these little projects together :) Have a good time at home!!! Can't wait to see you and the new addition in the new year! xoxo

  3. oka - can i say that because of this blog post I have found a hundred different blogs now that I love? Thanks for the inspirational blog hunt. :) Miss you guys.


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